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Yle Fem in English

Building bridges between Finns and between Finland and the other Nordic countries.

- Yle Fem is a friendly channel with a curious attitude.
- Yle Fem is the main channel for the Swedish-speaking audience in Finland with a Finnish-Swedish and Scandinavian profile.
- Yle Fem is the only full service TV-channel in Swedish in Finland
- Yle Fem builds bridges between Finns and between Finland and the other Nordic countries
- Yle Fem has a strong domestic offering for all age groups; news, current affairs, factual programmes, cultural programmes, fiction and childrens programmes.
- Lifestyle and factual entertainment are important genres for Yle Fem, as are Scandinavian drama and movies. Also international and domestic documentaries have their own space on Yle Fem
- Yle Fem airs approximately 2400 hours/year, almost 800 first broadcasts of inhouse production
- Yle Fem subtitles all programs, except news and programs for small children, also into Finnish.
- Yle Fem offers half of the Scandinavian programming of Yle and is the most Scandinavian TV-channel in the world.
- Yle Fem reaches approximately 65 % of its primary audience, the Swedish-speaking society in Finland, every week
- Since autumn 2011 Yle Fem shares the channel with SVT World. When Yle Fem does not have anything on air the channel can broadcast the SVT World-channel from Sweden. Yle Fem cannot, anyhow, change anything in the programming of SVT.
- Yle Fem believes in focusing on real people, in the Scandinavian way of living, in fellowship and in a positive attitude
- The attitude of Yle Fem is open-minded, questioning and concerning. Yle Fem dares to be a precursor and different in Swedish.
- Keywords: Open-minded, fresh, bold and Scandinavian